Banned sports equipment

I don’t really get why some of these products are banned. So a pair of shoes can make you a little faster, a tennis racket has less vibration, and the golf balls go farther; what is wrong with that? Our equipment has been evolving every year and continues to do so, so why have these products been banned they look just like the normal progression of sports equipment. The other two products that I didn’t mention before, the heavy steel hockey stick and the composite baseball bat, I completely understand why they are not allowed in games. Hockey is a very physical sport and people tend to slash each other with their sticks which are pretty light and it still hurts, no compare that to getting slashed by a steel stick. The Composite bat is the real reason why I choose to do a blog post about this. I watched a documentary on these bats and they can be very dangerous because once they get worn in they become extremely powerful and dangerous for the pitcher. The pitcher is only 60 feet away and that is at the older ages, when you younger you are so much closer. After a pitch is thrown the pitcher is extremely vulnerable to a line drive up the middle and with how powerful these bats have become it can lead to serious injuries. This is why these bats are starting to get banned all over the country even in some little leagues.


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  1. 1 Andy Revelle February 14, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    There is also the issue of records. If equipment changes, how do we gauge performance over time. For instance, an aluminum or composite baseball bat would increase home run totals rendering previous records irrelevant. Better goalie equipment has played a role in decreased goal totals in the NHL. How is this different than the use of performance-enhansing drugs?

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